White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar

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White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar
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Located under a glass dome on a 16th floor of Smolenskiy Passage, White Rabbit is the first joint project of restaurateur Boris Zarkov and chef Vladimir Mukhin.

 White Rabbit Restaurant&Bar - #23
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Beautiful, modern and daring in its own way. Here for the first time Russian cuisine sounds in unison with the latest culinary trends and Russian products rise to a height of recognized delicacies. Want borsch soup?

Try ours, with fried crucians, baked beans and turnip crisps. Do you know how delicious can veal tongue be? Taste it cooked in a shape of famous Russian “Lakomka” ice cream, cooked into a bird cherry dough with morel sauce.

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Every dish from White Rabbit menu is a result of a long work, gastronomical expeditions and a special respect for traditions.

Gastrobar WR

GASTROBAR WR a unique project on the first level of White Rabbit restaurant. Behind the two-sided counter cooks and bartenders create together, talk to guests and open the secrets of dishes and cocktails.

During workdays, you can have a glass of champagne or wine, taste the freshest sea products from an aquarium with sea water, cheese and other delicacies. 

Our chef

Seasonal local products, original recipes and finely-designed combinations – those are the distinctive features of a cuisine of Vladimir Mukhin, chef of White Rabbit.

Following the rules of high gastronomy, Vladimir opens every season with a tasting menu, which is based on new products, ideas and combinations of flavors.

Through our tasting menu we have already introduced Black sea oysters, rapa whelk from Yalta, Crimean truffle and other delicacies of contemporary Russian cuisine.

Vladimir Mukhin, chef of White Rabbit
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We have also started unique gastronomical performances, which are played in our gastrobar by Vladimir Mukhin and chief-bartender Oleg Reshetnyakov.

A fascinating story about a combination of food and cocktails charms and convinces that gastronomy is as much art as literature and painting.


Gastrobar WR represents the premiere of gastronomic performance of «Alice in Wonderland», dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the publication of the legendary book by Lewis Carroll.

Fairy Upelkuchen fairy and magical dwarf water, eggs of Dodo bird and the smile of the Cheshire cat - for the first time from pages of the book all stepped into the real world, acquiring not only the shape but also the taste. 

During the 12 action the main actors: Mad Hatter - Chef Vladimir Mukhin and Mad Rabbit - chief bartender OlegReshetnyakov are playing to the audience a unique gastronomic representation, talking about the mysteries of flavors and aromas, about of properties of eatable matter, combinations of food and cocktails.

Every Thursday at 19.30

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Address: Russia, Moscow, Smolenskaya  Ploshad 3, 16th Floor

Tel: +7 (495) 66 33 999, +7 (495) 782 62 62

Web: www.whiterabbitmoscow.com

 E mail: follow@whiterabbitmoscow.ru

Facebook: White Rabbit Restaurant&Bar

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