Giant Ferris wheel located at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, Moscow

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Moscow-850 has a diameter of 70 metres (230 ft) and an overall height of 73 metres (240 ft). Constructed for Moscow's 1997 850th anniversary, it was promoted as the highest attraction in Moscow and Eastern Europe.

the biggest ferris wheel in Russia
pinterest button The biggest ferris wheel in Russia Mikhail (Vokabre) Shcherbakov, CC BY-SA 2.0

It has 40 passenger cars, of which five are open, and the remainder enclosed. Each car can accommodate eight passengers, and each rotation takes seven minutes.

At the time of its construction, Moscow-850 was the tallest extant Ferris wheel in Europe, but in 1999 it was surpassed by the 90-metre (300 ft) Eurowheel at Mirabilandia, Ravenna, Italy.

VDNKh, the biggest ferris wheel in Russia
pinterest button Observation wheel, VDNKh Mikhail (Vokabre) Shcherbakov, CC BY-SA 2.0

Moscow-850 was the tallest Ferris wheel in Russia until an 80-metre (262 ft) wheel opened near Sochi in 2012.

A taller wheel, the 170-metre (558 ft) Rus-3000, was planned to open in Moscow in 2004 but the project was cancelled. Subsequently, an approximately 180-metre (591 ft) wheel was considered for Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, and a 150-metre (492 ft) wheel proposed for a location near Sparrow Hills.

Moscow-850, Observation wheel

Russian: Москва-850, Колесо обозрения

How to get

Metro ВДНХ (Exhibition Center), entrance through the main gate


Address: Moscow, Prospekt Mira, All-Russia Exhibition Centre, bld. 119.

Tel: 8-495-780-08-01 (Mon-Fri: 12.00–18.00)

Web: (Russian)


11:00–23:00 (spring and summer)


  • RUB 300 (closed cars)
  • RUB 350 (open cars)