Waitstaff in Russia are not as dependent on tips for a big chunk of their pay as, say, in the U.S.

Tip left for good service
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…so the expected amount is correspondingly less, and you generally will not be looked at with hidden malice even if you take all of the change brought back to you, but tipping is still encouraged.

If your total is under 500 rubles, round it up to the nearest fifty; under 1000 — to the nearest hundred; from 1000 to 1500 a hundred-bill is appropriate. If you are going above that, 10% would be reasonably generous; in really swanky places, though, all bets are off.

Don't tip in cafeteria-like settings, where you travel along the counter with a tray and pay at the cash register.

Throw a couple of tens into the tip jar for baristas.

Note: there is no way to leave a tip on the credit card — when you receive the slip for signature, there isn't a place to write the extra amount in, so keep enough small bills in your wallet.