Get around

Places of interest, that are situated within Garden Ring, can often be reached on foot, though famous Metro system can be a good alternative

Moscow Metro system map
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For other locations distances can be huge, so using means of transport is mandatory.

Moscow transport, while being mostly effective, and providing really good coverage at least on all of the popular directions, does have it's quirks.

Most notorious of them are lack or inconsistency of schedules, both online and information on the stops, and due not only to jams, that are a problem of themselves.

Besides, many directions, including peak ones, can be and are crowded, public transport can be delayed by passengers validating their tickets if many of them are boarding in the popular interchanges.

Moscow Metro system map
pinterest button Moscow Metro system map   Sameboat, CC BY-SA 3.0

New payment system, introduced in 2013 with the introduction of «90 minutes» ticket (from 50 rubles), valid to hop on different means of transport within 90 minutes (provided you use metro and/or monorail only once), is complicated and confusing even for locals, and may be inconvenient, if you only pass through Moscow on your journey.