Savyolovskaya railway station

It serves suburban directions north of the city

View of the station's main entrance
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Savyolovsky station, is one of the nine main railway stations in the Maryina roshcha District of Moscow. 


The station was built during the years 1897–1902, when a 130 km long railway running north from Moscow and connecting it to the towns of Kashin, Kalyazin, Uglich, and Rybinsk was constructed.

The modern name of the station originates from the name of a village Savyolovo (now a district of the town of Kimry) situated along the line.

As the line was built by a private company, the place of the rail station was initially built outside Moscow next to the outpost of Butyrka.

Initially known as Butyrsky station, the station lacks the ornateness and grandeur of Moscow's other stations and consists of a central two-story section flanked by two single story wings.

View of the station's main entrance
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The station was inaugurated in a silver-trowel ceremony in spring 1902, an event which had direct consequences for the nearby peaceful rural areas as it dramatically increased investement and led to those areas being engulfed by the city.

When the station marked its 90th anniversary, it was internally redeveloped, expanded and restored adding a second floor and improving the quality of platforms.

It was the last station to be connected to the Moscow Metro, with the Savyolovskaya metro station (opened in 1988).

Useful Information

Savyolovsky station
Russian: Савёловский вокза́л
Savyolovsky vokzal
alternatively spelled Savyolovskiy, Savelovsky or Savelovskiy



Opening hours

  • 24/7


Savyolovsky Station Square, Maryina roshcha District, Moscow, Russia