Holocaust Memorial Synagogue

Synagogue on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow

Synagogue on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow
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It was built in 1998 to complement an Orthodox church and a mosque that are also part of the outdoor museum dedicated to Russia's victory in World War II.


The building of the Temple of the Memory on Poklonnaya Gora, a flat hill in the West of Moscow, between the Setun River and another hill, was constructed and opened on September 1998 in Boris Yeltsin's presence.

Holocaust Memorial Synagogue
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The construction of the Temple of Memory was financed by the Russian Jewish Congress — a non-profit charitable fund and the largest secular organisation of Russian Jews.

The Temple of memory architect was Moshe Zarhy (Zarhy Architects) from Israel.

Interior view
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In the Holocaust Memorial Synagogue there is a hall with a balcony, the offices for the rabbi and a library. An exhibition about history of the Jewish people and the Holocaust was located in the building. The building is also used as a museum.

The interior of the building was designed by Frank Meisler, too. Meisler created wall sculptures showing Jerusalem, the Twelve Tribes of Israel and the Five Books of Moses.