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Not every enterprise has such a long and rich history, as Upper Trading Rows, the present GUM. Just several trading passages of Russia have right to be proud of the fact that they were created over a century ago and successfully operate till nowadays. GUM always was and remains the greatest country’s store.

The GUM façade faces Red Square
pinterest button The GUM façade faces Red Square Josef F. Stuefer, CC BY 2.0

The building’s planning represents three lengthway three-floor passages with deep basements. The glass roof designed by the engineer V. Shukhov imparts uniqueness to the building’s architecture. Glass, semi-circular formed, 14 meters diameter, easy and open-work looking like — the roof represents a solid construction, that took over fifty thousand poods of metal (approx. 200 thousand pounds).

Inside the store in 1893: elongated shop galleries are bridged with innovative metal-and-glass vaults, designed by Vladimir Shukhov
pinterest button Inside the store in 1893: elongated shop galleries are bridged with innovative metal-and-glass vaults, designed by Vladimir Shukhov unknown, Public Domain

Stretching on a quarter of a kilometer along the Kremlin’s wall, the GUM’s building encloses the Red Square from the East with its facades’ architecture (decorated with facet rustics), and calls up with Kremlin and the Historical museum.


Not stopping at the state-of-the-art, GUM goes on developing. Today the universal trading and entertaining complex is forming on the place of the post soviet trade image. The complex can join progressive modernity and glorious history. GUM is not a shop for rich or poor. It is a store for people ready to live in the developing consumption society with “human face”.

Here the inside space is improved. The legendary Demonstration Hall is restored that left its traces in the history of the national cinematography. Different cultural events and high society meetings are organized in the original interior. At the GUM’s playbill one can see artistic displays and presentations. The outside facade has a unique illumination project: architectural building’s elements are emphasized with electric lamps lines. The project of the updated design supposes passages reorganization in a palazzo style: mosaic floor and green natural plants. GUM today is not just a leisure center or a store, it is an art space.

Passage of Upper Trading Rows (GUM) in Moscow
pinterest button Passage of Upper Trading Rows (GUM) in Moscow Donskoy, GNU 1.2

Since 2006 and every year further the GUM-Skating rink becomes a good tradition that at once gains fame of the most stylish, bright icing ground in the capital. Without a false pathos one can say that going skating here is always a holiday, because of the predominated ambience.

It is so pleasantly to become aware of the fact that on the Square that always have been a political center now everyone can just go skating, have a rest with family or friends.

GUM-Skating rink became a cultural ice ground for Moscow, where famous figure skaters many times appeared. In 2006 a legendary hockey match between the USSR stars and World stars, devoted to the 60 years of the national Hockey took place here.

Upper Trading Rows by night
pinterest button Upper Trading Rows by night   TCY, GNU 1.2

The Gastronome № 1 working on the third line, ground floor can be considered reflection of one of the GUM’s life periods or a style guide of the Soviet glamour. The Gastronome № 1 takes us back to the fifties or sixties and in the meanwhile it meets gastronomic caprices of the most exigent consumer with its appointments, personnel clothing, and with the availability in assortment of some classic goods of the Soviet epoch (for example “Three elephants” tea).

The Café “Festivalnoe” and “Stolovaya № 57” are realized in the same Soviet style. The Cafe is named in honor of the youth and students festival that took place in Moscow in 1957 and gathered 34000 people from 131 countries. Various images, slogans in different languages on the walls remind that event. Of course “Festivalnoe” offers menu with different countries dishes.

“Stolovaya № 57” is a classic line of self-service, external marks of public catering of Khrushchev thaw period, excellent Russian and European cuisine, rich choice of dishes, cold drinks and spirits.

The fountain in the GUM’s center again rejoices visitors. It is a legendary construction, captured in the official chronicle of the XX century in the Moscowers’ and capital guests’ personal photo albums. The fountain is almost a coeval with the Upper Trading Rows both presenting unique architectural constructions. It is one of the favorite meeting and dates places of Moscowers and capital guests.

GUM is not just a simple store where it is possible to buy everything. It is a whole trading block where there is a drug store, bank’s branch, flowers shop, etc. It is an artistic gallery and a place to organize cultural, political events, exhibitions, etc. It is the integral part of the Russian history.

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GUM (Russian: ГУМ, pronounced [ˈɡum], an abbreviation of the Russian: Главный универсальный магазин; Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin; literally "main universal store"


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