Troitskaya Tower

The Troitskaya Tower is a tower with a through-passage in the center of the northwestern wall of the Moscow Kremlin, which overlooks the Alexander Garden

Troitskaya Tower
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The Troitskaya Tower was built in 1495—1499 by an Italian architect Aloisio da Milano (known in Russia as Aleviz Fryazin Milanets).

The tower has borne several names, including Rizopolozhenskaya, Znamenskaya, and Karetnaya. It received its current name in 1658 from the Troitskaya Coaching Inn (Троицкое подворье) in the Kremlin.

Troitskaya Tower, 1883
pinterest button Troitskaya Tower, 1883 Nikolay Naydyonov (1834-1905), Public Domain

The two-story basement of the tower housed a prison in the 16th-17th centuries.

There is the Troitsky Bridge, which is protected by the Kutafia Tower and leads to the gates of the Troitskaya Tower. There was also a clock on top of the tower between 1585 and 1812.

In 1707, due to a threat of Swedish invasion, the gun slots of the Troitskaya Tower were enlarged to fit heavy cannons.

Troitskaya Tower
pinterest button Troitskaya Tower jimmyweee, CC BY 2.0

In 1935, the Soviets installed a red star on top of the Troitskaya Tower. Prior to Soviet rule the tower had an icon of the Holy Trinity atop its outward face. Because this tower was the formal entrance for huge Communist Party Congresses the icon was totally removed rather than just plastered over as were those on the Spasskaya and Nikolskaya Towers.

Troitskaya Tower
pinterest button Troitskaya Tower  Jack Versloot, CC BY 2.0

The Troitskaya Tower is the tallest tower of the Moscow Kremlin. Its current height on the side of the Alexander Garden together with the star is 80 m.

Today, the gate of the tower is the main visitors' entrance into the Kremlin.

Useful Information

The Troitskaya Tower
Russian: Тро́ицкая ба́шня
literally Trinity Tower
The tower has borne several names, including Rizopolozhenskaya (Ризоположенская, lit. Deposition of the Robe), Bogoyavlenskaya (Богоявленская, lit. Epiphany), Znamenskaya (Знаменская, lit. Our Lady of the Sign), and Karetnaya (Каретная, lit. Carriage).


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Construction started1495
Height80 metres (260 ft)
Design and construction
ArchitectAloisio da Milano