Borovitskaya Tower

It is named after Borovitsky Hill, one of the seven hills Moscow is standing on

Borovitskaya Tower of Moscow Kremlin
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The Borovitskaya Tower is a corner tower with a through-passage on the west side of the Kremlin.

It is named after Borovitsky Hill, one of the seven hills Moscow is standing on.

Borovitskaya Tower
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The tower was constructed in 1490 on the spot of an old Kremlin gate by Italian architect Pietro Antonio Solari (Petr Fryazin, from fryaz or fryag as Italians were called at that time) by order of Vasili III of Russia.

Borovitskaya Tower in 1883
pinterest button Borovitskaya Tower in 1883 Найденов Н. А., Public Domain

In 1658 by orders of tzar Aleksey I of Russia the tower was renamed to Predtechenskaya (from the Russian word предтеча — predtecha, the forerunner) after the Church of John the Forerunner, which was later destroyed during the construction of the Kremlin Armoury (Oruzheynaya Palata). The new name, however, never became popular. I

n 1812, the tower was damaged by an explosion staged by the retreating French army.

 Borovitskaya Tower of Moscow Kremlin
pinterest button Borovitskaya Tower of Moscow Kremlin   Chernetsova, CC BY-SA 3.0

In 1817-19, the tower was restored by architect Osip Bove. In 1935, the Soviets installed a red star on top of the tower.

Following the closure of the Spassky Gate on Red Square to all traffic at the end of the 90's, the Borovitsky gate became the main vehicle passage way. 

Useful Information

The Borovitskaya Tower
Russian: Борови́цкая башня or
Предте́ченская ба́шня



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  • 24/7


Moscow Kremlin


Together with the star, its height is 54.05 m.