Belorussky railway station

Belorussky station is one of nine main railway stations in Moscow

Belorussky railway station
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It was opened in 1870 and rebuilt in its current form in 1910-12.


Construction of the railway from Moscow to Smolensk, and then to Minsk and Warsaw, started in the second half of the 1860s. Construction of the station, known as Smolensky, began in late April 1869.

Pre-revolutionaty russian postcard of Brestsky (Belorussky) Rail Terminal
pinterest button Pre-revolutionaty russian postcard of Brestsky (Belorussky) Rail Terminal неизвестен, Public Domain

A grand opening of the Moscow-Smolensk railway took place on 19 September 1870, the station became the sixth in Moscow.

In November 1871 after the extension of the railway to Belarus, the station was renamed Belorussky Station.

On 15 May 1910 the right wing of the new station opened, and in 26 February 1912 and the left wing opened. The station was designed by architect Ivan Strukov.

Square of Tverskaja Zastava and Triumphal Gate in Moscow
pinterest button Square of Tverskaja Zastava and Triumphal Gate in Moscow   unknown, Public Domain

On 4 May 1912 the railway was renamed the Alexander Railway, the station was renamed Alexander Station.

In August 1922 the Alexander and the Moscow-Baltic railways were merged into the Moscow-Belarus-Baltic, so the station was renamed Belorussian-Baltic station.

In May 1936 and, after yet another reorganization of the railways, the station received its present name — Belorussky Station.

Useful Information

Белору́сский вокза́л
Смоленский (в 1870–1871)
Брестский (в 1871–1912 и в 1917–1922)
Александровский (в 1912–1917) Белорусско-Балтийский (в 1922–1936)Belorussky station (Russian: Белорусский вокзал, IPA: [bʲɛlaˈruskʲɪj vɐɡˈzɑl]



Opening hours

  • 24/7


Москва, площадь Тверской заставы, д.7

Cultural references

  • A film "Belorussky station" was created in 1970 by Andrey Smirnov.