Clean Ponds

A large pond in Moscow, Russia, located in the Basmanny District, on the Boulevard Ring

Clean Ponds
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The pond gives its name to Chistoprudny Boulevard which runs from Turgenevskaya Square and Sretensky Boulevard towards Pokrovka Street, where it adjoins Pokrovsky Boulevard.

Clean Ponds at night
pinterest button Clean Ponds at night Жучкова Екатерина, CC BY-SA 3.0

The pond was formed by a dam on the Rachka River which used to flow underneath the walls of the Bely Gorod (White City) in the 17th century. The river is nowadays under ground, as are the other ponds. The Clean Ponds are fed by a system of waterpipes.

Clean Ponds
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During the 17th century, the people threw garbage and waste in the river and the ponds, the water turned out dirty, and the ponds got the name of Dirty Ponds.

In 1703, the ponds were acquired by Prince Menshikov, who built the Menshikov Tower in the vicinity. He had the pond cleaned from garbage and rechristened to its present name.

The pond has remained clean since then. Nowadays the pond is a home to swans and ducks. In wintertime it is used as a skating rink.