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Excursions around Moscow

Anton Spitsyn
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My name is Anton Spitsyn

I am professional interpreter and tourist guide, specialized in private tours. My working languages are English and Spanish, however I can speak Croatian and Italian as well.

My field of work is Moscow, and the towns of Golden Ring, but on special conditions I can work in Saint-Petersburg and Yekaterinburg as well.

My mission is to make Russia closer to the world, and its culture, history, traditions and cuisine – more known and clear for people.  

There following are the reasons for why I have decided to become an individual tourist guide:

  • I really want people to learn more about Russia and Russians, to show them the how great Russian Culture, History and cuisine are.

  • Sadly, there are not so many people, speaking foreign languages in the towns of Golden Ring, and even in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg the situation with knowing the language is not that good (although it is getting better), so having a local guide, who can settle everything is a necessity, and especially if you are going out of the big cities.

  • Many tourists nowadays know, where do they want to go, and what do they want to see, but they are still cautious about traveling in Russia on their own, or they just don't know the best way to plan their route, and need someone to accompany them, and show the sites. And this is the very place where I come out.

Excursions around Moscow

The below list contains the most popular excursions. If you are interested in other sights of Moscow, or prefer to have the custom made tour, please let me know, and I will do my best to make it for you.

The Heart of Moscow

You will see the Central Part of Moscow, the very heart of our town.

Route: Revolution square – Manege square – Red Square; Alexander Garden – The temple of Jesus Christ the Saviour.

*) The Kremlin can also be included. In this case the excursion price will be 7000 roubles + tickets)

Anton Spitsyn
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We will have the walk around the most famous pedestrian street of Moscow, and listen about its history, houses and dwellers.


In the past it was the residence of Russian Tsars, and now it is one of the most beautiful Moscow parks. The most famous sight of Kolomenskoe is Church of the Ascension (XVI century), included in UNESCO list of World Heritage.


This is the unique piece of garden art. As well, there is the palace, built by Vasiliy Bazhenov and Matvey Kazakov, one of the most famous Neo-gothic buildings in Russia.

About me

  • Price The price of all the excursions is 5000 roubles. The entrance tickets are not included. If your group is over 5 people, you have to pay extra 1000 roubles per person.
  • License №
  • Experience 2014
  • Based out of Moscow


  • Mob.: +7(926)-475-95-52 +7(982)-718-77-83
  • Skype: anton_spitsyn
  • Email:
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    Complete Services

    • As well, I offer you my translation services. I offer oral (consecutive) and written translation from Russian into English and from English into Russian.
    • My mission, as the interpreter is to help people understand each other in better way and, in such a way, decrease the number of international conflicts.
    • As the interpreter I have been cooperating with DC-Capital bank, Baltiyskaya Stroinelnaya Kompania (Baltic Construction Company) and Marriott.
    • Prices
    • The price of one page (Both – from Russian and English) – 350 roubles
    • 1 hour of oral translation – 1000 roubles
    • 1 working day– 10 000 roubles
    • You can as well, pay in a foreign currency, In this case, the price would depend on the current exchange course.