Third Ring Road

The Third Ring Road is Moscow's newest beltway, located between the Garden Ring in the city centre and Moscow Ring Road

View of Moscow's Third Ring
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The Third Ring is 35 km in length, i. e. about 10 km in diameter. As it is one of Moscow's main roads there is a lot of traffic and suffers from frequent congestion. There is a planned Fourth Ring between the Moscow Ring Road and the Third Ring.

Third Ring Bridge, Moscow
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The Third Ring can be used to get from areas such as Sokolniki Park to Sparrow Hills, on the other side of the city. The road is used by many Moscovites who live in the suburbs of Moscow to bypass the city centre.

Zero kilometer of the Third Ring Road near Nizhny Novgorod street
pinterest button Zero kilometer of the Third Ring Road near Nizhny Novgorod street   Ilyasafronov, Public Domain

The Third Ring Road was completed in 2004 with the Lefortovo tunnel, the third longest urban tunnel in Europe after the Södra länken tunnel in Stockholm and the Dublin Port Tunnel.

The Third Ring Road also serves as the main highway access for the Moscow International Business Center, a modern high-rise office district located along the western portion of the Third Ring, where it crosses the Moscow River.

Founded: 2004

Useful Information

The Third Ring Road, or The Third Ring
Russian: Тре́тье тра́нспортное кольцо́, or Тре́тье кольцо́;
Translit: Tretye Transportnoye Koltso, or Tretye Koltso