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We provide the full spectrum of travel services, including visa invitation, air tickets reservation and purchasing, booking of hotels in Moscow and the Gold Ring cities. Based on the long-term cooperation and years of practical work in the tourism sector we collected a list of true professionals to whom certain activities, such as tourist transportation or excursions can be entrusted. The travel specialists in our staff and/or outsourced help are the focus of our work and a pledge of highest quality and effectiveness.

Type of leisure

  • individual
  • small groups
  • family tours
  • private tours


  • Russian visa
  • tours and excursions
  • Moscow hotels
  • transportation
  • tour guides

About travel agency

Moscow Travels is a company built around the core of travel industry professionals with years of experience in the sector.

The corporate expertise and skills allow us to deal with the entire range of activities related to the organization of travel in the city of Moscow and nearby cities of the so-called Golden Ring.

Services description

Russian Visa

Obtain a visa to Russia with no hassle with Moscow Travels Agency. Our experienced tour operators provide free-of-charge advice as to the visa regime between your country and Russian Federation, and propose an easy and cost-effective way to get the Russian visa, be it in your country, a neighboring country, or elsewhere as may be necessary.

Read the brief guide on Russian visa below to get an overall idea where, how and by whom the visa to Russia is furnished.

Tours in Moscow, St.Petersburg and along the Golden Ring

Design, plan and implement a tour in Moscow, St Petersburg and/or along the famous Golden Ring cities with the assistance of our professional tour operators. Ask for a free-of-charge tour proposal where all your actvities, such as hotels or other types of accommodation, daily excursions, driving itineraries, meals, sightseeing etc. are described in every detail.

Hotels in Moscow and cities along the Golden Ring

Find the right type of accommodation, a hotel, hostel, BnB or apartment in Moscow and/or other cities along the Golden Ring based on your quailty and budget requirements. Make a booking online and pay for the hotel using our online payment gateway.

Transportation in Moscow and cities along the Golden Ring

Getting the right mode of transport and type of vehicle to serve your travel needs is a key element for the success of your trip in Moscow. The Moscow Travels Agency offers a list of licensed and experienced transportation providers (individuals and companies) who will provide a safe, reliable and pleasant service for your travel.

Tour guides in Moscow and cities along the Golden Ring

Getting a professional tour guide is something that creates the right impression from your trip and leaves good memories. Choosing the best tour professionals for your excursions and sightseeing is a primary task when you plan your activities. S/he will provide a narrative of what you see, deal with your daily needs, meals, hotels, etc. Our tour guides are experienced professionals with excellent language skills and the right attitude based on the client's need is a priority rule.

Central office

Москва, Verkhniye Polya Str. 4, office 99
Moscow, Russian Federation, 109341

Phone: +7 926 934-88-16

Fax: +7 926 644-77-37

E-mail: travel@

Skype: moscowtravels

Москва, Verkhniye Polya Str. 4, office 99
Moscow, Russian Federation, 109341


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